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Digital Equity Survey

New York Stated Education Department (NYSED) has made promoting educational digital equity as a top priority, as such they are requiring school district’s to report home access to the internet. Student home access to the Internet has become fundamental for schools across the nation as they plan strategies for continuous learning. To better serve students, families, and educators, it is imperative for NYSED to have access to data as reported by public school districts, and maintain an accurate and complete picture of the state of digital equity for each individual student, grades Kindergarten through 12, to provide confidence in understanding the true levels of a student’s access to the Internet as well as the devices they use. To collect this data they are requesting families fill out a Digital Equity Survey for each student enrolled in school. This survey is located in your PowerSchool Parent portal.  The survey is located clicking the Digital Equity and Learning Preferences located on the bottom left of the parent portal. We have preloaded answers to the 9 questions asked. .  It is most important to report how reliable your internet access is at home. Please refer Appendix A for a definition of terms. Please see the how-to video on our district website. 

Please following the steps:

  1. Log in
  2. Click the Digital Equity and Learning Preferences (bottom Left)
  3. Click Date on right.
  4. The survey will open with answers prefilled-in (makes any necessary changes)
  5. Change date
  6. Click submit


Repeat Steps for each child enrolled in school.


Digital Equity Survey English

Digital Equity Survey Spanish